At what age should you start?

Babies can go to baby swimming from the age of 3 months.
The baby’s instinctive, innate reflex ensures that babies hold their breath and don’t swallow water when they are submerged up to about one year of age. This is called the dive reflex. If you pour a small glass of water on the baby’s forehead and let it run over his/her face while bathing you can experience this process. If the baby is two or three months old they won’t even be surprised. This is called simulated diving. If you practice it every time you bathe your baby, and even increase the amount of water, then you can professionally prepare your baby for the most important element of the swimming pool sessions: diving. Babies who are over one year of age and who no longer have a dive reflex, can join another group up to three and a half years of age. The target for them is not diving but the development of self-rescue, familiarising them with water in a playful way and preparation for swimming. Being in a group is always an important experience for them. Children who are in a group at an early age become able to interact more quickly and easily and move more confidently in a community.

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