Sauna Park

First, Textiles zone

The free cabins swimsuit, sauna clothes, bedsheets, towels can help you to use.
Where the body is in contact with the sauna bench, we do (even under the feet) fabric.

Why no swimsuit?

If bathed in the pool, disinfectants from swimwear a result 
of the toxic gas into heat (eg. chlorine) are converted.
Swimwear material and moisture inhibits an even sweating.
The body is released from the surface of profuse sweating 
impurities and toxins gather in the swimsuit material, and can irritate the skin.
Sweat and showering. 
From swimwear the toxins are not eliminated, the immersion bath or wash basin.
the wet material uncomfortably cool the body.

Second, Textile Free Zone

The cabins only uncovered the body used!
we do throughout our bodies under the fabric!

The professional sauna lovers know that the unclothed state helps the body adapt to extreme thermal effects, promotes an even sweating.


Guests can choose from 6 different saunas sauna types

Infra -cab ( 2 pieces)
Finnish sauna (2 pieces )
Finland - aroma sauna (1pc )
Finland - Master Sauna ( 1 piece)
Steam Room (2 )
Outdoor wood-fired Finnish sauna (1pc ) - hours alternately guests can use the two departments
Choose from various types of cooling between the sauna went

Cold - alternating hot shower ( 2 pieces)
Dézsa - shower (2 pieces )
Outdoor plunge tubs (2 pieces )
Open- air (both parts )
Leg warmers ( 1 piece)

A relaxing sauna park premises 

Relax room with sound and light therapy ( textile site)
Student lounge with fireplace ( non- textile side)
Parajdi cave ( textile site)