Sauna encyclopedia

The effects of sauna

· Improve overall stamina
· Strengthens the immune system
· Maintain elasticity of blood vessels
· Regulates blood pressure
· Detoxifies
· Regenerate muscles and cells
· Rejuvenates the skin
· Physical and spiritual refreshment causes

The sauna bag contained 

· slippers
· 2 sauna towels or sheets, possibly
· Body height, min. 140 x 70 cm
· Towel Cupboards
· bathrobe
· liquid
Conditions of sauna in brief


· Strip and using toilet
· Thorough cleansing shower and then dried for


Go quickly to the cabin and take a seat in the sauna towel so that one part of the body
not touch the bench. Most preferably, the central pad use, preferably lying down.
8 - hold 12 minutes of sweating.

Cooling Phase

· Keep at least until then, as from scorching.
· First to fresh air, then
· Shower, using cold water, and then use
· Immersion Dézsi and foot warming, relaxing or walking

After the sauna

Adequate hydration is necessary!

As for Tabu Sauna


· Sanitation and drying to leave!
· Stress course to move the cabin!
· Hungry or full stomach to use the sauna!
· Consume alcohol before the sauna!
· Cold Shower!

The sauna cabin

· Swimwear (mostly synthetic) costumes!
· Jewelry, metal devices worn!
· Incorrect use of the sauna towel!
· Loud voice!
· Stay inside more than 15 minutes!


· Use hot shower!
· Ignore the fresh air!
· Showering without using a submersible Dézsi!
· Low fluid replacement!
· Swimming cooling instead!

The Hertelendi Spa is committed to apply and enforce the rules of the sauna.
Please check with the appropriate rules before entering the sauna.

Kedves Vendégeink!

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in cause of the given situation we wanna inform you, that we closed the termal bath and saunapark!

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